We bring simplified, practical and actionable sustainability solutions to both organizations and the people who work for them.

At our humble beginnings, we brought easy solutions to individuals to live with less waste and more consciously.

Today, we have added to that list:

  1. Sustainability Consulting for Companies & Organizations
  2. Education in Schools

We are driven by our passion for the earth, the resources the planet brings us and the dream to live more connected with our environment.

We believe in a balanced Triple Bottom Line ( People - Profit - Planet), and are working towards a more Circular Economy.

"The course exceeded my expectations. I did not expect to receive this much relevant content."

Meet the team!

We are environmental startup Zero Waste Shanghai, and we support companies, schools and individuals in bridging the gap in sustainability through consultancy, zero waste training and education, and fun hands-on workshops.

Zero Waste Shanghai has worked with multiple international SME’s, international schools and individuals from different backgrounds over the years. The company is also a trustworthy source for different media channels on waste, sustainability and environmental education.