Composting is one of the most IMPACTFUL things you can do for the environment. Turning food into healthy nutritious soil is much much needed.

This compost bin workshop has been our first and most popular product since the very beginning.

Everyone loves the idea, the build and the result of this workshop.

There's no minimum or maximum age to enjoy it.

Course Curriculum

The Time to Teach Them is Now

Zero Waste Shanghai has been teaching sustainability and environmental awareness in schools for over 5 years with a big focus on applying the theoretical knowledge into fun hands- activities. 

This online workshop is for everyone around the world, who speaks and understands (basic) English. 

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Food Waste

How much do we waste? How can we reduce it? Which solutions already exist?

Materials You Will Need

A Step by Step explanation about the materials you will need.

Let's Build it Together

Ambar and I will take you through the building process of the compost bin.